Get up and move! Most of us are not active enough to stay healthy. Working adults who sit at their desks for hours, elderly at carehomes or patients recovering from an injury or operation — we want to activate everybody.

We know what it’s like to be recovering from a trauma and suffer the consequences of not doing your exercises. This is why we developed Rehaboo! Active, the game that makes physical activity fun, empowering and measurable.

We bring exercise games to the office workers for prevention and activation, the elderly in care homes for activation or hospital patients going through rehabilitation. Our goal is to bring Rehaboo! Active to every person who needs it.

We offer a customizable game where you control what’s happening on the screen by moving your body. A player completes quests during the race and achieves a score. The difficulty of the game and the rewards are adjusted according to the users’ wishes, needs and circumstances.