Working everyday to become The World’s Best TBI Patient

On the 18th of February, 2016, around 8 pm, I woke up in an ambulance. Destination: hospital. No clue why, how, or when I was strapped down from head to toe. It was terrifying.

That night was a normal night for me, I was in the middle of a hockey game. I was doing what I loved most, sports. Sport was and still is my life.

I had been checked clean, and unconscious for 3 minutes. I did not recognize my mother that had come to pick me up from the hospital. The doctors said I was fine, and I was discharged that same night.

After 12 weeks, I found out that I had sustained a moderate to severe Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). I would later find out that I had to learn to crawl, speak and write again as well as the rest of the things that a healthy 30 year old knows how to do. My life as I knew it had changed.

I was left alone to do all the rehab myself. I was deemed a lost cause. So, I gathered a team around me with the same catchphrase and goal that has pulled me through this; Who wants to work with me, The World’s Best TBI Patient? The process was long and challenging but my will was so strong that I stuck through. Nowadays people don’t always guess I had a TBI when they meet me, even though some symptoms never disappeared.

During my entire rehab process, I could not help but think that physical therapy should be gamified. People have continuously pointed out that many are not determined enough to stick with the recovery path. Execution is the only thing standing between a person and their success.

Progress is progress, no matter how small. There is no such thing as insignificant progress. But how does one make it empowering, fun, and measurable? Tangible, in one word. This is why I am a proud part of Rehaboo and have teamed up with them. I love the challenge of being a Chief Empowerment Officer. I get to figure out how to spark that same interest in people, young, old, injured, sick or healthy that I have. It does not matter if it’s rehab or staying healthy with a 9 to 5 schedule. Everybody should have the tool to help them get better, and with Rehaboo! we will eventually reach them.

I could die a happy man if we just sparked that will in one child. But who are we kidding? We at Rehaboo! could never to think small, we are out to change the lives of millions.

Let’s Rehaboo!

Robson Lindberg
CEmO at Rehaboo!

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