Katariina Uusitalo

Making working out and having fun come together

My mother says I have been an organizer and a caretaker ever since I was little. I guess that is why I have been working as a travel guide, ski instructor and nowadays as a coach, mentor and personal trainer. Taking care and wanting the best for other people.

My company Katapulssi came alive 10 years ago. By then, I had just finished a long career at Nokia and was now taking steps into the world of fitness and wellbeing where I wanted to make my mark. I have always been a fan of strength and weight training. I have been particularly successful in guiding women towards loving getting muscle! But as I have grown older, I have also come to respect rest and recovery, mobility and flexibility and overall body maintenance. Prevention is the key where I want to focus on is it then training myself or others.

I like challenges, and I started training for a triathlon in 2014. I wasn’t an endurance athlete and I didn’t know how to swim so I started learning freestyle at the age of 45. I finished my first ever triathlon in 2017. Long story short, sport keeps me motivated and challenges me in a good way. I am curious and believe in life long learning. I am resilient and hardly ever give up. A quote by Muhammad Ali “Impossible is not a fact. It is an attitude” is something I believe in.

What I bring to Rehaboo! is hands on experience of working with different kinds of personal trainer clients, challenges and goals. I bring insights on how to turn a couch potato into someone who loves to exercise, how to meet the needs and challenges of office workers and additionally, what motivates people. I will be helping with creating the concept and demand for working out while having fun. I believe together we can help people prevent health problems and enjoy their lives even more, having fun being active!

Katriina Uusitalo

Coach and consultant at Katapulssi